Contest Rules

Edco Power Grants™

Update as of May 20, 2016: The Edco Power Grant program has ended and the pool of available grants has been completely awarded. Thank you to our partners for their contributions and to the school programs that have raised funds. Stay tuned for a future Power Grant Program.

Power Grants let your club earn $500 just by using the Edco's fundraising solution. How? It's easy:
  1. The $250 "First Funds" Matching Grant
    When you raise $250, we'll match it with a $250 Power Grant. Presto, $250 becomes $500;
  2. The $50 for 50 Donors Grant
    We'll add another $50 when you secure $5 or more from 50 donors;
  3. The $100 Local Business Grant
    $100 is yours when you close a donation of $500 or more from a local business; and,
  4. The $100 "Press Club" Grant
    Grab $100 for getting your club - and your club's use of Edco - mentioned in the local media.

Certain rules and restrictions apply. Please read the "legal stuff" below:

Through partner organizations, Edco provides 4 (four) different matching incentives ("Power Grants" or "Grants" or "Grant Program") to Beneficiaries in support of their Projects. Beneficiaries agree to use funds exclusively must be for a charitable or educational purpose. If you are unsure that your Project qualifies, please contact us at Please be sure to provide a way for us to contact you. Partner organizations have contributed up to $25,000 to support the Power Grants. The Grant Program ends on June 30, 2016, or when the $25,000 pool has been completely awarded, whichever occurs first. A Beneficiary can earn each Power Grant only one time. Funds awarded through the Grant Program are not subject to a service fee. The Grant Program only applies to funds processed through the Site. The awarding of Grants is subject to validation and approval by Edco, in its sole discretion. All such determinations made by Edco are final and are not subject to dispute, arbitration or appeal. If a Grant is deemed valid, funds will be available to the Beneficiary within 30 days of such validation. The four (4) types of Power Grants and the details governing them are enumerated below:
  1. The $250 "First Funds" Matching Grant
  2. When a Project raises an initial $250 from Contributors, the Beneficiary is eligible to receive a $250 matching Grant. For the avoidance of doubt, this grant will not be disbursed unless and until the Site has processed a total of $250 for a Beneficiary.
  3. The $50 for 50 Donors Grant
  4. When a Beneficiary raises funds from an aggregate of fifty (50) unique Contributors, the Beneficiary is eligible to receive a $50 Grant. For the purpose of this Grant, a Contributor must donate $5 or more in order to be included in the aggregate. For the avoidance of doubt, this Grant can include Contributors who helped the Beneficiary achieve the $250 "First Funds" Matching Grant.
  5. The $100 Local Business Grant
  6. When a Beneficiary raises $500 or more from a single local business sponsor ("Business Sponsor"), the Beneficiary is eligible to receive a $100 Grant. A local business is broadly defined as a business that derives most of its revenue from the DMA (TV market) in which the Beneficiary is located. For the avoidance of doubt, the Business Sponsor, and all local businesses in general, are eligible Contributors for both the $250 "First Funds" Matching Grant and the $50 for 50 Donors Grant.
  7. The $100 "Press Club" Grant
  8. When a Beneficiary secures coverage in a local print, broadcast (radio or television) or digital media (a local blog or online news/event site with more than 50,000 unique visitors per month) site, the Beneficiary is eligible to receive a $100 grant. To be eligible, the coverage must include mention of Edco as software solution used by the Beneficiary to fundraise, and, optimally, the coverage should include the Beneficiary's vanity Edco URL that allows the public to make donations. Proof of such coverage must be provided to Edco at If a file is too large to email (e.g. video over 10MB) please contact us at the above email address and we will make arrangements to review your submission. Final determination as to the acceptance or denial of all "Press Club" Grant submissions is at Edco's sole discretion.