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Join the Drumbeat for a new Blair Drumline!

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Support the Montgomery Blair Blazer Pride Marching Band!

Our marching band is growing! We are a multiracial school of over 3000 students. The band is increasingly a unifying force. We bring energy and pride to football games, local parades, school and community events and competitions. And we bring together kids who might not otherwise know each other. In their own words..
"The Marching Band is one of the most supportive and inclusive environments that I've come to know; it's a community where every individual matters, which is crucial to the success of the group." Band goes above music and performing, it exemplifies what it means to be a family.

The drumline is the cornerstone of a marching band, but our drums are shot. The rims are warped...the drums fall out of tune.. the drums even fall out of their harnesses! Our band will give back in music and joy every $1 you invest in us.

Help us make music. Help us bring joy and make memories -- for band members, athletes, and kids at parades. AND, your donations ARE TAX-DEDUCTIBLE.

Help us build a drumbeat for a new drumline!


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Every little bit counts! We are so grateful for everyone's support.


Support young musicians; build community.


What's a football game without a band? Love a parade? Help out!


Blair Alum? And Area businesses, this one's for you!


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  • Karen Lange donated - via Blair Music
  • Susan Baker donated "Yay marching band" - via Blair Music
  • Lorna Shannon donated
  • Anne Fothergill donated
  • Merrie Archer donated "Thanks to Mr. Oldham for all the great leadership and music! Merrie, Ken, & Jeremy" - via Blair Music
  • Amy Poremba donated
  • Bill Mason donated
  • OLIVIER Barnouin donated
  • Terry Alvey donated "More Cowbell ! Good Luck Jess, love you " - via Blair Music
  • Kimberly Six donated
  • Kristen Lefevre (mom to Calvin Tobias) donated
  • Krissi Jimroglou donated "Go Jesse!"
  • Rachel Schmidt donated - via Blair Music
  • Elaine Freund donated "In honor of Jonah Freund."
  • k shifrin donated "My best wishes to the Blair Band! Ken Shifrin, Pep Leader 1969-70 (Principal First Trombone Stuttgart Radio Orchestra) "
  • George Steiner donated
  • Michael Pollack donated "Played snare drum in marching band 1956-1957. Great memories."
  • Kenneth Oppenheim donated
  • Cathy Fink donated
  • Heather Padgette donated "For lighter drums!! "
  • Jill Bixler donated "Cheering on Fiona Harrington!"
  • Darius Fatemi donated
  • Robin Moore donated
  • Yvonne Carney donated "Have fun!!" - via Blair Music
  • Martha Murphy donated
  • Sarah Manchester donated "Loved my days in the Blair marching band - proud to support a Blazer tradition!"
  • CAROLYN XANDER donated "IN MEMORY OF BOB XANDER C/O 1944" - via Blair Music
  • Eric Geist donated - via Blair Music
  • JODY CUTLER & LIISA TIKKALA donated "May the music keep coming.... go Jesse!" - via Blair Music
  • Maria Portela donated "In Honor of Ivan Reimers, former Blair Drum Major, Class of '14, and 4-year member of the Mighty Sounds of UMD!" - via Blair Music

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