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We're a passionate group of students from from Maryland that works hard to achieve great things with our club. Our success depends on the support of our friends, family and community.
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$3,999 Raised since February 19, 2019

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  • Rebecca D Miller donated "Keep up the great work, team!" - via Jeremy Masson
  • Ruth Hasnedl donated
  • John Brodie donated "Good luck at the ROWDEO KIAh beakler"
  • R W Strawn donated "I wish I could be there rowing with,"The Boys in the Boat"!" - via Jeremy Archer
  • Sandra Kristensen donated "Be great, Blair! Especially you, Jeremy Masson!" - via Jeremy Masson
  • Katherine and Douglas Rigler donated "Have a great spring season, Wilson and Blair Crew!" - via Wilson Rigler
  • Dave and Christina Convis donated
  • Carol Eisenberg & David Simpson donated "Happy Birthday Mollie and good luck with crew! Xo from Peaks Island" - via Mollie Spielberg
  • Amy Kleine donated "I am so proud of you for sticking with rowing for four years. It make me and Uncle Jeff so happy!" - via Sara Kleine
  • Paul Block donated "Happy birthday, Mollie!" - via Mollie Block
  • Adela Armstrong-Spielberg donated - via Mollie Block
  • Anindita Spielberg donated "Happy Birthday Mollie! Good luck to you and your team. They are fortunate to have you! Love, Aunt Nita " - via Mollie Block
  • Fyllis Hockman donated "I'm making this contribution to support Mollie Block whose name is not listed above. And good luck to the team!" - via Mollie Block
  • Lela and Adam Kanter donated "Congrats Mollie Block and the Blair crew team. Have a great race next week! Love, Lela & Adam" - via Mollie Block
  • Debbie Spielberg donated - via Mollie Block
  • Victor Block donated - via Mollie Block
  • Dorothy Sue Lotke donated "Go Allegra! Do your best and have fun!! love, Grandma Sue & Grandpa Paul" - via Allegra Cronin
  • Rebecca Wilson donated "Jeremy - Team Kopatich is rooting for you! Rebecca, Fred, Arturo, Miguel, Ana" - via Jeremy Masson
  • Deborah Perloff donated "Way to go Jeremy!! Good luck to the entire team!!" - via Jeremy Masson
  • Lanita Whitehurst donated
  • Gail Kleine donated "Hope you raise many dollars " - via Sara Kleine
  • Robert Kleine donated "I am happy to help my wonderful granddaughter, Sara Kleine, and the Blair rowing team. Go (row) Blazers!" - via Sara Kleine
  • Janet Rumble donated "Good luck, Sara!" - via Sara .
  • Barbara Foster donated "Best wishes for the 2019 season from Nebraska. Colin - we’ll make sure to a regatta!" - via Colin Lederer
  • john lederer donated "Go Blair !!" - via Colin Lederer
  • Kristen Dill donated "Go Max and Lucas and Blair Crew. John Mark and Kristen" - via Max and Lucas
  • Merrie Archer (Jeremy) donated "Rooting for you Jeremy, and for all of Blair Crew!" - via Jeremy Archer
  • Jane Shivnan donated "Go Blair!" - via Lucas Nieman
  • Adam Safir donated "Go blair crew!" - via Elia Safir

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